Dili recently suffered from disastrous floods, causing both death and destruction to residents in Dili and surrounding areas.   A number of the Learning Centres staff lost family members.
One result of the floods was that many University students were cut off from families who were supplying them money to live.  The Centre  identified 192 students that required support.  The Rotary E-club of Brindabella has been successful in obtaining a District Grant supporting the club donation making a total of $A6,300 to assist in purchasing sacks of rice, Fresh green produce from local farmers, Cooking Oil, Noodles, fresh eggs and clean water.
The students had to provide their National ID card to prove they were from a District, and then present their University card to prove they were based in Dili to study.
The assistance provided falls into both Disease Prevention and Economic and Community Development of Rotary’s Seven Avenues of Focus.